Cela doit passer par une rupture avec les politiques

The Current Wave Of Haitian Refugees In Qu

I have been away for a bit. Was not feeling well physically, necessitating doctor/hospital visits. Morale has also been a challenge. While I am immensely buoyed by the Los Angeles Dodgers winning streak, I am dismayed by the fact that the New York Yankees lost most of the games in their recent series against the Toronto Blow Jobs.

canada goose clearance Being in not the best of health, I resent a lot of things, including my environment. That, on top of the fact that I spent the entirety of my formative years in New York State, is why I cheered on the Yankees canada goose outlet official over the Blow Jobs and why I am unhappy that the Yankees did not overwhelmingly prevail in canada goose shop uk the series. I am not well, and I cannot stand the people and things around me, which is why Major League Baseball, ESPN, TSN and Sportscentre have all been ballasts keeping me on something vaguely resembling an even keel. In such a state, it canada goose jacket outlet sale is, I would think, understandable how I found it difficult to muster the inspiration to write, and, when I was able to muster that inspiration, how I found it difficult to find the energy to write. canada goose clearance

canada goose black friday sale Now, a personal note from recent weeks that is not entirely unrelated to the topic of this entry. I went to see my doctor. He is a unilingual Gaspesian and not a real Frenchman, although he would protest canada goose outlet uk most vigourously that he canada goose outlet in montreal is indeed the functional equivalent of the French Foreign Legion or the Garde Rpublicaine. In this delusion, canada goose outlet miami in this monumental lack of self awareness, the Gaspesian who is my doctor is 100% representative of every other Gaspesian “health care professional” I have had the grave misfortune of dealing with over canada goose outlet vip the past couple of weeks. Gasesian “health care professionals” rank down there with customer service representatives as the lowest form of life on earth. For example, although, even canada goose outlet washington dc in Qubec, it is regarded as entirely unprofessional for a doctor to say one word about politics to his patients, I, in pain, exhausted from poor sleep and insufficient eating (for the past couple of weeks, anyhow; I routinely have weight problems), had to listen to my Gaspesian doctor vehemently attack the ruling Liberal Party of Qubec as the root of all evil. canada goose black friday sale

Canada Goose sale By contrast, I also had samples drawn by a Black/African technologist. This Black/African technologist spoke perfect French, far better so than does my Gaspesian doctor (I never heard said technologist once say “OSTY DE COWLIS DE TABARNAK!” even ONCE during a good forty five minutes of procedure.) This Black/African technologist, in other words, did something my Gaspesian doctor is biologically entirely incapable of doing. This Black/African technologist perfectly exuded the paralinguistics of the French Foreign Legion and the Garde Rpublicaine, the paralinguistics, in other words, of this thing called a PROFESSIONAL. Canada Goose sale

Canada Goose Jackets With all the canada goose outlet london talk canada goose outlet new york city of the nonsense currently going on in America over the repeal or not of Obamacare, I have heard remarks made in passing about Canada health care system. Some Americans who want to repeal Obamacare say that canada goose outlet website legit Canada health care system has problems. This is a basic misunderstanding of the situation. Canada does NOT have health care problems as such. Rather, Canada has a massive LABOUR UNION problem. Gaspesian and other doctors in Canada are union thugs like Jimmy Hoffa in America. Pass right to work and at will legislation in Canada, making sure to apply it with full force to the health care system, and all “problems” with the health care system in Canada disappear overnight, since doctors, even Gaspesian doctors, will then be compelled to acquaint themselves with the concept of “SIR, YES SIR! SIR, NO SIR!” Canada Goose Jackets

The big indaba du jour at the time of writing of this entry is that, somewhere in Deliverance country America, Nazis and Klansmen are having violent riots. My decades of living in America being overwhelmingly confined to (but NOT exclusively limited to, a fine distinction which, in 2017, must be pointed out as a boilerplate disclaimer) New York and the New England States, I, unlike Sargon, Vee, Kraut Andy Warski and Crazee Hair, am not going to prognosticate like I am an expert on events in an area I do not know all that well. For the past several decades, however, I have been back living in Qubec, the former New France, where my family, scumbag Rhenish mercenaries in the service of France, decamped to in the seventeenth century. Living here allows me to know a bit about what goes on here.

canada goose store One of the things that has been going on here of late, ignored by Don Anderson of the CNN and Megyn Kelly because it does not have the keywords “Russia” or “Russian” anywhere, but reported by a professional news organisation, the BBC, is the fact that refugees, most of them Haitian, have been fleeing Stephen Bannon America for Canada. This is part of the canada goose outlet toronto factory reason I do not make much about Deliverance country Nazi protests in America. The wave of Haitian refugees have sparked Qubec entire constellation of habitual Nazis, their hate extending back to when they supported the Axis during the Second World War, leading them to try to ban canada goose outlet black friday Beatles legend Paul McCartney from entering Qubec, into full Juli Streicher mode. canada goose store

canada goose coats on sale Franois Legault, of the Coalition avenir Qubec, said the following. canada goose coats on sale

le Qubec accueille dj beaucoup plus d’immigrants que sa capacit d’intgration ne le permet. Les ressources sont limites, tout comme notre capacit d’intgrer les immigrants la majorit francophone. Nombre de Qubcois ceux par exemple qui doivent attendre de longues heures la frontire pour rentrer dans leur propre pays sont choqus de voir ainsi les migrants entrer en grand nombre, en faisant fi des lois, comme s’il canada goose outlet orlando n’y avait pas de frontire.

cheap Canada Goose [“Quebec already accepts far more immigrants than its capacity for integration permits. Resources are limited, just like our ability to integrate immigrants into the francophone majority. Numerous Gaspesians those, for example, who have to wait long hours at the frontier to enter their own motherfucking country are shocked to see so many fucking migrants enter in such large fucking numbers, saying “fuck you” to the law, like there was no fucking frontier!”] cheap Canada Goose

Canada Goose online Jean Franois Lise, Supreme Ayatollah of the Parti Qubecois (a white nationalist, Republic of Ka Ka Stain mob just like Legault but pro labour union whereas Legault is anti labour union) had the following gems to say. Canada Goose online

buy canada goose jacket cheap Le temps de la riposte buy canada goose jacket cheap

[“Time for payback”]

buy canada goose jacket Le Parti Qubcois est aujourd’hui encore appel jouer ce rle. D’ici l’lection d’octobre 2018, il dfendra les Qubcois, leur rputation, leurs choix, leurs besoins. Il prparera, son congrs de septembre prochain puis dans les mois qui suivront, les gestes forts qui devront tre faits, ds son lection en 2018, pour redonner la nation qubcoise canada goose outlet in chicago la vigueur dont elle a absolument besoin. Cela doit passer par une rupture avec les politiques d’anglicisation librales[.] 100 % des futurs immigrants et leur conjoint ne soient admis sur le territoire que s’ils dmontrent une bonne connaissance du franais. buy canada goose jacket

[“The Parti Qubecois is today once more called to play this role. From now until the election of October 2018, it will defend the Gaspesians, their reputations, their choices, their needs. It will prepare, at its congress of next September and canada goose uk site in the following months, strong Schwerpunkts which should be made into law, from its election in 2018, to give back to the Gaspesian Volk the vigour of which it absolutely needs. My Gaspesian doctor as mentioned above knows this. Yet, he still views Lisee and Legault as imminently preferable to Couillard, and he spent damn near a half hour telling me this.

Canada Goose Outlet Legault attacks on the Haitians are very clearly indistinguishable from Richard Spencer, Sargon, Vee and Andy Warski attacks on Blacks/Africans (or what Kraut refers to as “Sdlander”) in general. Ostensibly, however, Lisee attack above does not target the Haitians, who speak a form of French. However, since “OSTY DE COWLIS DE TABARNAK” is not part of the Haitian French vocabulary, Lisee can subtly attack them while not mentioning them directly. Furthermore, when Lisee speaks of “reintroducing vigour” into the “sacred Quebec Reich,” one does not have http://www.canadagoosesalesus.com to be Stephen Hawking to see that his sacred Quebec Reich does not include Haitians. Canada Goose Outlet

canada goose coats Even taken at their face value, however, Lisee Richard Spencer style plans for Quebec persecute notable residents or former residents of Quebec. Lance Stroll drives in Formula 1 for Williams. Although born in Mont Tremblant, he speaks English and is Jewish. Denis Shapovalov recently defeated tennis legend Rafael Nadal. (Yes, I know Billy Martin regarded men who played tennis as what was referred to at the time as “unhealthy.” I adore Billy Martin because he was a sonofabitch and misanthrope. Part and parcel of being a sonofabitch and misanthrope is being a complete prick on occasion.) Mr. Shapovalov is Jewish, being born in Tel Aviv, and, having lived in Ontario since his childhood, he speaks English. Lisee Schwerpunkt would ban Mr. Shapovalov from entering Lisee sacred Quebec Reich. The canada goose womens outlet current roster of the Habs, the Montreal Canadiens hockey team, canada goose clothing uk has plenty of Americans (one of Cuban ancestry), two Czechs and one Norwegian, most of who hardly speak French and who would thus be banned from Lisee sacred Quebec Reich. Montreal is currently desperately trying to get back an MLB team, having lost the Expos over a decade ago. Expos players Ellis Valentine, Andre Dawson, and Tim Raines were American, Vladimir Guerrero and manager Felipe Alou were from the Dominican Republic. All five men were Black/African, thus canada goose outlet inadmissible to Lisee sacred Quebec Reich. Lisee would have him expelled under the Schwerpunkts he announced. Molly Knight wrote a book on the Dodgers. Although she is as blonde as Lisee (and far more blonde than Lisee pals Davis Aurini, Richard Spencer and Millennial Woes), she writes in English for ESPN, which canada goose outlet location means Lisee would ban her from entering Quebec. canada goose coats

Now, baseball is not as popular as hockey in Quebec as a whole. But Lance Stroll of Formula 1 is very much talked about on Gaspesian media. Should Lisee come to power and ban Jews and English speakers from entering Quebec, at least the francophone sports media will protest. As well, Montreal mayor Denis Coderre is obsessed with bringing Major League Baseball back to Montreal, and can be counted on to exercise what clout he has against Lisee canada goose coats uk proposed ban on Blacks/Africans and other English speakers.

canadian goose jacket Enough about Lisee, back to the Quebec alt right white nationalist attacks against Haitians as a whole. This is, surprisingly, not something strictly limited to Gaspesians. The other day, I was listening to CJAD, an English language station, on the blower. Many callers every damned one of them speaking English or Old Canadian and not Gaspesian opposed the Haitians. These idiots seem to have forgotten that, once Lisee, Legault, Bernard “Rambo” Gauthier, La Meute and the Soldiers of Odin finish with the Haitians and the Muslims, they will then turn on the English speakers just like they did to Paul McCartney. canadian goose jacket

canada goose And here is the ultimate proof that Legault and Lisee are not actually interested in language, that Legault, Lisee, “Rambo” Gauthier, La Meute and the Soldiers of Odin use language to mask their attacks on non whites as a whole. You see, there is this institution in France called l franaise. It is impossible that language Ayatollahs like Lisee and Legault are unaware of this fact, yet this fact does not stop them from attacking the Haitian refugees. canada goose

canada goose deals This is a slick, suitcase pimp sleight of hand move on the part of Lisee and Legault, who know the score. The unfortunate Haitians who are fleeing to Canada away from Stephen Bannon, on the other hand, do not fully know the score. They do not know that they have just exchanged one white nationalist bastion for another. You see, it was known in Quebec at the beginning of the year that Lisee, just like Spencer and the Klansmen rioting today in America, wants to limit immigration to Quebec to Europeans, just as it was known at the beginning of the year that Legault has an identical policy with regards to race. While today Klan riots may be a shock in America, La Meute and the Soldiers of Odin have been around in Quebec for a long time now, pushing the Richard Spencer line. About two years ago, Quebec union supremo Bernard “Rambo” Gauthier called Syrian refugees “feces.” canada goose deals

canada goose clearance sale At this point, a distinction must be made. Policies and political canada goose jacket outlet toronto ideas are one thing, political organisation and political machinery another thing entirely. Just because two or more groups differ vastly in terms of the sophistication of their political machinery and organisation, this vast differential in no way negates the fact that the very same two or more groups have identical policies and political ideas. Lisee and Legault have each a superb political machine while La Meute, the Soldiers of Odin and Bernard “Rambo” Gauthier do not. Despite this, the views of Lisee and Legault on race are exactly identical in every significant regard to those of La Meute, the Soldiers of Odin and Bernard “Rambo” Gauthier. A vote for Lisee or Legault is exactly identical to a vote for La Meute, the Soldiers of Odin or Bernard “Rambo” Gauthier. Anyone who tells you any different is lying to you. This is significant because, in Quebec, 49% support Lisee or Legault while only 30% support the anti racist Liberals, a fact known last May. canada goose clearance sale

This was a fact known in Quebec, but a fact that, since it was thoroughly devoid of the keywords “Russia” and “Russian,” was ignored by Don Anderson of the CNN and Megyn Kelly. As a result of Anderson and Kelly monomaniacal obsession with Russia, countless numbers of Haitians may have left an unenviable situation for an even worse, even more oppressive situation. 53% of Americans disapprove of Bannon, while only 29% of Americans approve of Bannon, in stark contrast to 49% of Quebecois approving of the Richard Spencer esque Lisee and Legault. Now, admittedly, the 49% of Quebecois who support the alt right white nationalist parties constitute a smaller percentage of the population than do the 99% of Rwandans who re elected Paul Kagame. However, in the last free elections in May 1933, the Nazis only won 44 of the vote, or five percentage points less than the percentage of Gaspesians who support the alt right white nationalist parties.

Canada Goose Parka And now, since, this time, I was unable to shoehorn them into the text of this entry, I want to outright plug a couple of folks I find very entertaining. These would be musician and content creator Jordan Owen, OG GamerGater, as well as Wooly Bumblebee, a superb artist in her own right who also honchoes Anti Intellectuals, and Mr. They are atheists, I am not. I am a conservative, they are not. But they are, all three, highly entertaining to watch. They have the charm and magnetic charisma of The Kylie Ireland Show podcast of a decade ago, starring the legendary, one and only Kylie Ireland and Eli Cross Canada Goose Parka.

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