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Blade of Woe

My absolute favorite Skyrim quest to play is the Dark Brotherhood. There’s cheap moncler coats no better family than a group of cut throat assassins, AM I RIGHT? (awkward silence from my disappointed parents).Anyways, everything about the Dark Brotherhood I love unconditionally (minus SPOILERS that betrayal part). After you complete this quest line you get a sweet dagger. Now I, being the geek that I am, decided that for Metacon, I would be an assassin from the Dark Brotherhood, so obviously I would need this legendary blade, to compliment my shroud.This build took way more time than I expected it to (I went to great lengths to make sure I made everything as perfect as I could), moncler outlet sale a little over a month I believe. It would have only cost about $10 to make, but I decided to moncler jackets outlet make castings out of resin which pretty much broke the bank. I, however do not regret this. It adds a nice weight to the blade (the original weighed about 3 ounces, while the castings weigh about 11 to 12 ounces) making it feel like a real blade, and it’s more durable, so I can’t break it too easily. Obviously before I decided to attempt this I did some research. I have some source pictures above and if you wish to look at other ways people made the blade check out some of these beautiful tutorials :)Step 3: PatternFirst I moncler outlet store printed off a picture of the Blade in the size that I wanted. Tip to tale it was about 18 inches long. I taped it cheap moncler outlet to a cereal box and cut out two copies. My cheap moncler jackets sale cereal box was not long enough to encompass my Blade, so I cut it out in two parts and moncler outlet glued them together adding a few cardboard supports to stabilize.I did not glue my two cardboard blades together. First I covered my card board in expanding foam. Then I cut away the parts of the foam I didn’t need. I wanted my blade to be quite slender, so I cut away almost all of the foam with a serrated knife.I cut out the outline first following the cardboard outline. I then trimmed the thickness of the blade down to about a half an moncler outlet uk inch (per blade).I sanded the blades with 100 grit sandpaper. The great thing about spackling paste is that is easily sand able, lightweight, yet quite sturdy. Also if you get frustrated from all the sanding and punch a wall. You got a big jug of paste you can fix the wall with.After the first round of sanding, I made sure that the spackling paste didn’t over flow on the sides of the cardboard (see pic 4). I trimmed away all the excess. I also cut away pieces from the blade, and sculpted into a more blade shape.Then I put another layer of spackling paste on the blade, and sanded that down. It is very important to sand the edges of the blade really well, so when cheap moncler jackets you attach them together the blade is sharp and pointy. I also made sure to wear a respirator mask, so I didn’t inhale the dust.

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