and was signed for but funnily enough I never received it so I

What I’m about to share is extremely personal so please take this in consideration

An ode to anxiety – why I am against chemically medicating emotional pain

When I was younger a member of my family experienced extreme
The dosage was enough to kill a vast number of elephants and the doctors that helped did not communicate enough to see what was
This member of my family as a result suffered the state of a living coma for most of my childhood, this ended in my family member being hospitalised by Best replica handbags choice in to a psychiatric ward

After the years of being on the drugs they gave him the member of my family experienced extreme anger as a result of the medication he was on and this lead to a series of events that have left a mark on my family that is only now healing

As a result this member of my family’s anxiety has actually worsened and he now has no access to his emotional and true empathic ability

If you take medically diagnosed drugs for depression I am not against you but as I do not as a personal belief see it an effective and long lasting method of curing depression

Being an avid sufferer of depression and anxiety for most of my life and having to live with people who the suffer the same, pure human connection, good healthy pastimes, self care, laughter and nature I find are more effective at curing depression than any other chemically made substance

I personally find that if you can’t pronounce what you are taking then it may not be a good idea to take it

Even a herbal tablet alternative I believe would be a better option

I am strongly against this type of medication for navigating emotional experiences having refused it many times in my personal life

I believe that there is a better way to navigate these shadows and that is to allow people to be truly heard, listened to and
I believe there is a way to break the enigma of emotional spiralling and I believe that the methods we areultimately using as a coping mechanism in the 20th century are not always of our natural alignment and so they cause us to feel disassociated from our natural
I just wanted to share this to hopefully help illuminate a perspective that is very personal to me

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