The rich will get richer under this plan

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To date, the two best hashtags we’ve seen to counter the just released Republican tax plan are BillionairesFirst and NotOnePenny, so we canada goose outlet store new york decided to use them in our title. Because over the next few weeks, canada goose kensington parka uk there will be a monstrous messaging battle between Republicans and Democrats over how their new tax cut plan should be framed. Democrats seem poised to win this battle, but then again there is no guarantee that’s how it will play out. So today we thought we’d devote a large portion of canada goose outlet online store the column to mustering up the arguments Democrats should immediately start making canada goose outlet store uk to any who will listen.

cheap canada goose uk The optimism about how the public will ultimately react comes from some canada goose outlet recent polling conducted before the GOP bill was even unveiled. A full half of the public is already opposed to the GOP tax plan, sight unseen, while only one third supported it, a difference of 17 points. And a whopping six in ten people already think that the GOP proposals on tax cuts will favor the rich. Similar majorities already see the tax system rigged in favor of the wealthy and want to see corporations pay higher taxes, not lower. canada goose outlet in uk The mood of the country is already set against large tax cuts for the one percent and Wall Street, in other words, and Democrats just need to successfully tap into that mood. cheap canada goose uk

canada goose store We’re going to go into canada goose outlet in vancouver a lot of detail in the talking points section this week, so for now let’s just hit the high points of what Democrats should be shouting from the rooftops: canada goose store

The Republican tax plan increases the national debt by trillions, in order to give 80 percent of the benefits to big businesses.

An analysis for the New York Times shows that 13 million American families making less than $100,000 a year will actually see their taxes go up canada goose outlet 80 off under this plan. Republicans are trying to sell this as a canada goose outlet belgium “middle class tax cut,” but that is just flat out a lie for at least 13 million families.

Canada Goose sale While 13 million middle canada goose jacket outlet store class families will be paying higher taxes, the shifting of the tax brackets is going to guarantee a tax cut to the tune of $24,348 for every family making over one million dollars a year. Once again: these tax cuts are not targeted at the middle class, and anyone who tells you they are is lying to you. Canada Goose sale

buy canada goose jacket Two of their tax cuts in particular will help only the very wealthy canada goose outlet in montreal the elimination of the estate tax and the alternative minimum tax. This means Donald Trump Junior won’t have to pay a single penny on his inheritance, and it means that his father Donald J. Trump will save from the canada goose outlet houston only tax return from him that we’ve seen a whopping eighty percent of his tax bill each and every year. Targeted to the middle class? One of these tax breaks only applies to incomes canada goose outlet online uk above $130,000 and the other only to estates worth more than $5 million. Middle class families get next to nothing, and the very wealthy make out like bandits, once again. buy canada goose jacket

Teachers will no longer be able to deduct school supplies they have to buy. Cancer patients will no longer be able to deduct the costs of their canada goose outlet ontario medical care. Young Americans won’t be able to deduct the interest paid on their student loans. Flood and hurricane victims won’t be able to deduct the losses they’ve suffered. It is astonishing how Republicans have selected some very vulnerable groups to increase taxes on, seemingly out of nothing but the desire to be mean spirited. Cancer patients? Hurricane victims? Really?

The bottom line: We have tried trickle down before, and it has failed. It just failed spectacularly in Kansas, as a matter of fact check the facts. American workers are tired of being told that giving a massive tax cut to the bosses and owners is somehow supposed to make their lives better. The rich will get richer under this plan, and the middle class will continue to shrink. The income gap exists because of tax policies like these, and the gap will only continue to get wider and wider canada goose outlet toronto factory if this bill is passed.

President Donald Trump, who is supposed to be some sort of branding genius, was given canada goose outlet parka the task of coming up with a name for the bill. His idea? “The Cut Cut Cut Act.” No, really! That’s the best he canada goose outlet authentic could do. Congressional Republicans wisely decided to name it on their own, instead. Trump also has been bizarrely pushing congressional Republicans hard to include a “repeal Obamacare” measure in the bill as well. This could spell doom for the already shaky prospects the bill has for passage, so assumably congressional Republicans will ignore him on this issue, too. If Trump does get his way, it’ll just make the bill that much easier for Democrats to defeat.

canada goose clearance But that’s enough for now as we mentioned, we’ll get to more detail later. This fight is going to dominate Washington for at least the next two months, so everyone should be prepared for the effort that will be necessary to oppose the GOP tax plan. canada goose clearance

canada goose uk outlet Before we do, there was one other major story out of Washington this week, as Bob Mueller made his first public moves in his investigation. Paul Manafort and Rick Gates were indicted on money laundering, tax evasion, fraud, conspiracy, and failing to register as a foreign agent, but the bigger bombshell was that it was revealed that George Papadopoulos had already pled guilty to the crime of lying to federal officers about contacts he made with Russia while he was a member of the Trump campaign. Papadopoulos was arrested months ago, and apparently then cooperated with Mueller’s team which has got to make anyone connected to Trump who talked to Papadopoulos after that point extremely nervous. canada goose uk outlet

Those are pretty big first steps, but what many noticed was the absence of one of the key figures Michael Flynn from the list of Mueller targets. Has Flynn flipped? Months ago, his lawyer was trying to get Flynn immunity for testifying fully before Congress about Russia, promising his client had a story to tell. So has Mueller already heard that story in full? Nobody knows, because unlike just about every other segment of the Trump administration, Mueller’s team has been astonishingly leak free, to date. There have been no inside rumors, no advance warning, no early releases of information at all which has left journalists with nothing to do but speculate about what Mueller might do next.

canada goose coats on sale Court records from the indictments and the plea deal are being poured over, canada goose factory outlet toronto location since in the absence of leaks it is the only hard evidence we’ve canada goose outlet store montreal got of what Mueller has uncovered. The canada goose outlet hong kong New York Times reports on a meeting attended by (among other advisors) Papadopoulos, Jeff Sessions, and Donald Trump: canada goose coats on sale

uk canada goose outlet “[Papadopoulos] went into the pitch right away,” said J. D. Gordon, a campaign adviser who attended the meeting. “He said he had a friend in London, the Russian ambassador, who could help set up a meeting with Putin.” Mr. Trump listened with interest. Mr. Sessions vehemently opposed the idea, Mr. Gordon recalled. “And he said that no one should talk about it because it might leak,” he said. uk canada goose outlet

This spurred Al canada goose outlet black friday sale Franken to openly question once again how honest Sessions has been in his testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee. In a letter to Sessions, Franken asks: “This is another example in an alarming pattern in which you, the nation’s top law enforcement officer, apparently failed to tell the truth, under oath, about the Trump team’s contacts with agents of Russia.”

Trump, of course, insists that the whole thing is a made up “witch hunt” launched by canada goose outlet miami Democrats sore over losing the election to him. So how is he doing convincing the public? Well, not so good, according to a recent poll:

uk canada goose A 58 percent majority say they approve of Mueller’s probe, while just 28 percent said they disapprove. Meanwhile, nearly half of voters or 49 percent believe the president committed a crime. Some other key findings: uk canada goose

Canada Goose Parka Fewer than 4 in 10 Americans believe Trump is cooperating with the probe. Half believe he is not. And among the public overall, 19 percent think there is “solid evidence” Trump committed a crime. (30 percent say that is “merely their suspicion.”) Canada Goose Parka

canada goose coats 49 percent of all voters think it’s likely Trump himself committed a crime in connection with Russian efforts to sway the election. 74 percent of Democrats and half of independent voters agree. (Meanwhile, 84 percent of Republicans feel the opposite.) canada goose coats

canada goose black friday sale Nearly 7 in 10 approve of canada goose outlet trillium parka black the charges against Manafort and Gates. canada goose black friday sale

And more than half of Americans 53 percent say Papadopoulos’s plea deal for lying to the FBI represented “broader wrongdoing” by Trump campaign aides.

Canada Goose online No wonder Trump’s job approval rating is sinking even further below the 40 percent mark. As Senator John McCain said at the beginning of this year, the Russia scandal is like a centipede because there are so many more shoes left to drop. Canada Goose online

canada goose clearance sale Let’s see, what else is going on? We’ve got time for a quick rundown before we move on to this week’s awards. Next Tuesday will be Election Day in New Jersey and Virginia, and if Democrats are truly going to have a chance at flipping either chamber of Congress next year, the Virginia governor’s race may be an early sign. The Democrat is ahead, but his lead is shrinking as the Republican hammers away at sanctuary cities even though Virginia doesn’t actually have any sanctuary cities. An honest (and disgusted) assessment of the state of the race (which he said was descending into “wild eyed accusations”) came from the Libertarian candidate: canada goose clearance sale

What is politics coming to, what is our society canada goose outlet uk coming to, when two candidates for statewide office spend millions of dollars on ads accusing their opponent of sympathizing with violent street gangs, pedophiles, white nationalists and neo Nazis, and of harboring supporters who want to run over our children with trucks?

Canada Goose Outlet Welcome to politics in Trump’s America, in other words. The Washington Post has a very good rundown on not only the New Jersey and Virginia races, but also on all the other contests which will happen next Tuesday, if you’re interested. Canada Goose Outlet

A terror attack happened in New York City, and within hours Trump was tweeting about necessary policy changes (while denigrating New York’s senator, Chuck Schumer). So much for all that “we can’t politicize a tragedy” that Trump and other Republicans were saying after the Las Vegas attack, eh? Schumer responded: “President Trump, instead of politicizing and dividing America, which he always seems to do at times of national tragedy, should be focusing on the real solution anti terrorism funding which he proposed cutting in his most recent budget.” Senator Chris Murphy also tweeted: “Now I get it. If the killer is an immigrant you can talk about policy change, but if he’s natural born, you’re ‘politicizing the tragedy’.”

Canada Goose Jackets Trump signed a law that will prevent consumers from suing their banks, but unlike all his other signing ceremonies, he didn’t seem real proud of this one. There was no fanfare and no reporters in the room when Trump signed the bill behind closed doors. I guess “allowing big banks to screw you over canada goose outlet in new york without allowing you your day in court” doesn’t exactly fit in with making America great again, or something. Canada Goose Jackets

All this “winning” is tiring out one specific group canada goose outlet toronto address of people Republican congressional committee chairs. It seems that droves of them are throwing in the towel and announcing they won’t be running for re election. Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee spokesman Meredith Kelly had a rationale for why so many of them were “dropping like flies” because “it’s nothing short of miserable to be part of Speaker Paul Ryan’s establishment Congress. These retiring Republicans have seen the writing on the wall, and they’re not buy canada goose uk waiting around for the midterms.” Let’s hope she’s right.

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