[PFT Commenter rose from an Internet ‘cesspool’ to podcasting

I want to stay here.””Well maybe you’ll have to go behind the camera,” Portnoy responded.His co hosts suggested he wasn’t being serious, but Portnoydidn’t take the out.[PFT Commenter rose from an Internet ‘cesspool’ to podcasting glory. And no one knows who he is.]”Welcome to Barstool Radio, Ria,” he said.At that point, Cuiffo left the studio and Clancy and Gonzales playfully chastised Portnoy for not offering an apology.Portnoy insisted the remark was made in jest, but refused to walk back the sentiment.”Honestly, if you’re gonna cry, then walk your f ing a out the door,” he said. “I don’t give a f about that and I’ll double down on that.”Cuiffo later tweeted a photo of herself in a swimsuit with the caption, “Posting this now since I might not look as good in 5 years,” and tagged Portnoy.The Barstool Sports brand has prompted frequent controversies over its treatment of women; Portnoy has appeared to joke about sexual violence and called sports columnist Sarah Spain a “f ing c.”The site partnered with ESPN in October 2017 for a show called “Barstool Van Talk,” but ESPN pulled the show after its first episode.

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