Due to the nature of his urgent medical condition

20 points submitted 2 hours agoI agree with it to an extent because some democratic systems truly do not work even with the best intentions of the voters and election participants; because there is a spectrum of democracy in my opinion and each government needs to find its own balance.Switzerland would probably implode if it had to deal with a French like government, and the Netherlands can really work with a German like government etc.This, however, demonstrates that there is more to democracy than just being there or not being there; and as such I believe that there is more than just being a democracy. 2 points submitted 2 days agoAn Indonesian dating a Dutchie is common as all fuck, mainly because Indonesians tend to integrate so well that they are practically just Dutch.A Dutchie dating, for example, a Moroccan or a Turk, is far less likely due to the integration problems those groups constantly display https://www.canadagoosesale.biz and the bad rep it gives them.I think Dutchies seem definitely very open to date other EU citizens, as long as, obviously, we speak Dutch. So that pretty common as well.It not just split in the middle, it actually got some fragments that are Belgian and some that are Dutch, and we have to offer cooperative services because it genuinely is impossible to administer it otherwise.General rule for where you live is: you live in the country where your house is, and your house is in the country where the front door is.

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