Also, Bonnie (Zo Kravitz) was the one to deliver the final

O Allah, bless the self, the merry, the kind, the most beautiful, the sun, the sky of secrets, the appearance of the lights, the center of the orbit of beauty, and the pole of the beauty flute. O God, you have a secret. O Ya Qayyum, and pray to our master Muhammad and his family and companions to the Day of Judgment..

We recite ourselves in our own grave, and the leader of the Muhammed, our Sheikh, our father, and our brother, the greatest, the most merciful, the beloved, the dear cave, and the council and the imam of the Sahih al-Hali Mosque. The greatest blessings of Allah upon him and his family and companions and his home and the honorable companions and the great bones and the Prophet and the friend.. His us the conqueror.

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