We love this gorgeous wool blend half zip sweater from Woolrich

There’s one thing that’s a staple under the Christmas tree, and that’s a cozy sweater. We love this gorgeous wool blend half zip sweater from Woolrich, first because it’s gorgeous, and second because it’s up to 87 percent off with this Amazon Black Friday deal. Amazing, right? Made with multi marled yarn, this winter sweater drapes loosely over your body for casual comfort. The front half zip comes all the way up to a stand up collar to keep you extra cozy in wintery weather. You can also save up to 84 percent on the Woolrich Women’s Maple Way Crew Sweater that features a scoop neckline and pretty border detailing at the hemline and cuffs. We also love the pretty bodice detailing of the Woolrich Women’s Apres Ski Eco Rich Crew Sweater. It comes in three pretty colors and is also a great Black Friday deal.

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Alhamdulillah! MIU SPORTS CLUB (Gulshan Campus), a long-awaited Six-A Side Cricket Tournament’s Prize Giving Ceremony, has been successful. Honorable Vice President of MIU, Treasure, Register and moderator SK Habibur Rahaman, Former Vice President of Sports Club, Art Kawsar, Business Club’s Formar President Raihan Rasel, Sayem Bhai, among others. Sincerely thanks to Sports Club for giving valuable time to everyone. Sajal Khan’s great efforts and hard work of some devoted worker and personal cooperation were all we got to present a beautiful program. Sincerely thankful to everyone on the occasion of the event, directly and indirectly by the Sports Club. Many more wishes and wishes for the Champion and the Runner-up team. Besides, we are very sorry for all kinds of mistakes. People are not above the mistakes. So hopefully everyone will look at our wrong goals in a favorable way.

One more thing to say is why delay in giving prise Champion

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