Many years ago I used to hang out in a few IRC chat rooms

a persistent Christian Why Evolution Is True

My name is [REDACTED], a college student currently. I was once an irreligious person when I was a boy; however, I have experienced a vast conversion in my life which permanently changed my character from a canada goose outlet michigan carnally minded selfish, rebellious child unto a spiritually minded being who strives to do what is right in God standards, which do not change.

I have learned for myself that atheism is not true. My inquiries for you are these: Do you believe that I idiotic, deranged, or stupid in anyway? If so, do you believe we better than our ancestors?

buy canada goose jacket The spectrum between rational belief and self serving delusion has some obvious increments: It is one thing to believe that Jesus existed and was probably a remarkable human being. It is another to accept, as most Christians do, that he was physically resurrected and will return to earth to judge the living and the dead. It is yet another leap of faith canada goose outlet canada too far to imagine, as all good Mormons must, that he will work his cosmic magic from the hallowed ground of Jackson County, Missouri. buy canada goose jacket

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canada goose coats on sale Actually, Mormons are Christians. canada goose coats on sale

uk canada goose By which measure, along with Muslims, they Jews. One god the Abrahamic one. No other important differences except in who they consider the final (or most recent []) prophet and therefore in the details of their worship. uk canada goose

cheap Canada Goose Sithrak [] has spits for them all. And they all within reach of Cthulhu spit, and he is not a happy bunny. Too many tentacles plus eternal life in the torment of Sithrak and the Tentacled One is really making life difficult for his neighbours. cheap Canada Goose

Canada Goose Coats On Sale [] canada goose outlet ontario do the Mormons cede the possibility of a new set of gold plates and revelations appearing next Wednesday, on the hallowed ground of Ulan Bataar? Canada Goose Coats On Sale

canada goose uk black friday [] The Blind Gibberer an Equal Opportunities god who hates all, evenly, and will torment you buy canada goose uk mercilessly for all eternity canada goose outlet mall regardless of how much or little you try to placate him. Nice guy. Not subtle. But if he feeling relatively mellow, he oil the spit before barbing it up and canada goose discount uk sliding it in. canada goose uk black friday

I don find it surprising that someone who is passionately interested in an issue would want to find and debate the other side, hoping to change their mind. I always think it odder when I encounter people who are passionately interested in an issue but clam canada goose outlet up or move away when they meet someone who dissents. I more suspicious of the fragile faith of the latter.

canada goose store The you so happy why are you trying to make me do what you like to do argument works for people who are engaged in a hobby. This canada goose jacket outlet toronto is supposed to be about what factually true or not. That lends itself to debate. canada goose store

Would I engage with them in a discussion? Sure. I inevitably learn something interesting either about the topic, or about human psychology. And there always a chance that canada goose outlet mississauga I might persuade them or, they persuade canada goose jacket outlet uk me. I think you just have to know what you getting into before you start, and be okay with that.

Canada Goose Online You don have enough information to know that canada goose outlet in montreal he uninterested canada goose outlet location in debate, or incapable of engaging in a discussion, or immune to changing his mind on anything. Canada Goose Online

uk canada goose outlet Of course, I can say that you wrong, either. But if I find intractable dogmatism an interesting topic, too how and why it works for some and not others, its application and limitations then I haven wasted my time. There can be multiple goals for any debate. you win canada goose outlet toronto address is lovely, but not realistic. uk canada goose outlet

It probably depends a lot on the forum, the company and the rules of the game. Many years ago I used to hang out in a few IRC chat rooms which focused on religious debate. Participants ran the gamut from trolls and (swoop in, make a big mess, fly off) and a rotating roster of regulars who were rational, restrained, and respected canada goose outlet montreal reasonably so, at any rate. Theists included not just Born Again and Evangelicals, but priests and ministers, seminary students, theology/religious study/philosophy majors, Thomists, Presuppositionalists, postmodernists, Hindus, pagans, Mormons, and the rare Muslim. I spent most of my time trying not to get my ass kicked.

A you going to burn in Hell for eternity would have been considered an embarrassing gaffe.

I recently had a similar case when someone contacted me with a refutation of official canada goose outlet special relativity (I an astrophysicist). It was a good exercise to find his mistake, but when I pointed it out how to canada goose outlet locations in toronto correct it, he declared it was merely a trick and not how thing really are. In the end I decided to stop replying, but I feel I did my duty as a scientist without provoking too much cognitive dissonance.

canada goose So, as the guy himself suggests, the least you could do is write that you are not interested. Then you can go back to ignoring him with a cleaner conscience, as this seems to me to be the goose outlet canada point. canada goose

I agree that in most such cases, we can only point someone in the right direction, let them gather more knowledge on their own. Ridicule is as bad as aggressive, heated argument. I find it surprising so many comments here are patronizing canada goose parka outlet uk like that.

Canada Goose online In my case, I read how others replied to the person and no one offered real criticism, but curt lines like using your GPS then This is ironic, because we know SR is not true, it is just the current best model. The physicist who improves it will have to go through hell, simply because others do not ask themselves canada goose outlet florida the question: How would I like to canada goose jacket outlet be convinced I might be wrong? Canada Goose online

I think I know what phrasing I want Just call a model that works 100% of the time true. SR is not true exactly in the same sense as goecentrism they both give various predictions which are observationally confirmed and also others which canada goose outlet black friday are not. They differ quantitatively in both the number of phenomena predicted and accuracy in favour of SR, but that is not enough to call geocentrism simply false and SR merely incomplete.

canada goose black friday sale Any lumping will of course depend on the context, and here, even if the person in question actually demonstrated canada goose outlet 80 off a contradiction, that would not change SR status in the ladder of physical theories. It wouldn be openly called false from that day on, like Newton mechanics is not called false, even though they both are. Think of physics 5000 years from now. Or just GR, then SR is already somewhat like geocentrism. canada goose black friday sale

Canada Goose Outlet So I feel the distinction you make is purely linguistic, perhaps practical in textbooks, but not in research. Canada Goose Outlet

Just call a model canada goose outlet in chicago that works 100% of the time true.

Why should I? If a court is trying to decide the truth of a case, they not going to sit and wait for 100% confirmation. At most, it philosophical pedantry, akin to claiming all theists canada goose outlet kokemuksia are atheists if they don 100% believe.

canada goose clearance That distinction between geocentrism and SR, for instance, is pedantic and trivial. I fully aware of the continuum from 0% true statements to 100% true statements, with gradations of possibility, plausibility, and likelihood at various places along it relative to internal and external consistency of the claims, its fit in a general body of knowledge, and the statistical robustness of the evidence and tests used to justify confidence in it. I agree that both ideas fit on that scale, that neither of them are absolutely true, and that had the universe turned out differently, it possible one could trade places with the other. canada goose clearance

canadian goose jacket But lumping them both in as is ridiculous. It like lumping radio waves and canada goose outlet 2015 gamma waves together under the same wavelength simply canada goose outlet trillium parka black because they on the same spectrum. They several magnitudes apart, and that significant. Given what we know about the universe, geocentrism would (metaphorically speaking) need a miracle to ever be taken seriously by rational people. Special Relativity, by contrast, does a good job of explaining much of the universe on many scales and has been tested and confirmed on multiple lines of evidence. However provisionally, it is as good a candidate for status as many other things we canada goose outlet store uk accept as true in both quotidian and in common sense ways. canadian goose jacket

cheap canada goose uk Alternatively, you might be in the matrix, in which case this reply does not exist. I wonder if that idea is practical in research too cheap canada goose uk.

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