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I don know if I need my own post or not but I been trying variations on the no poo and, later, CG method for over canada goose outlet reviews 6 canada goose outlet canada years now and I super frustrated. I canada goose factory outlet need help. Biggest part of my problem is Canada Goose online allergy Canada Goose Coats On Sale to many, many canada goose factory sale canada goose outlet online fragrances so I highly limited on top of my annoying hair canada goose outlet shop type issues.

Pretty sure I 2C now official canada goose outlet that I tried canada goose outlet protein free products, but previously thought cheap Canada Goose I was 2B. My hair is goose outlet canada several inches below my shoulders, super fine, prone to frizz and the curls easily losing shape when they brush against my clothing the under layer likes to straighten canada goose uk black friday out especially, but also some of the pieces that frame canada goose outlet online uk buy canada goose jacket my face sometimes canada goose coats on sale as well.

Previously I been using various types of cowash products and the past year canada goose uk outlet or canada goose store so settled on As I Am Coconut Cowash from the holy grail list because it was the only thing from the entire list I was able to locate that did not aggravate my allergies. It seemed to be great for a little while but I wasn doing canada goose outlet parka S2C or anything like that, just rinsing it out fully and seeing what happened (I basically looked homeless most of the time, but it was soft and smelled lightly of coconuts so yay?). I was cowashing every 2 canada goose outlet uk 3 days. Then I started in on the S2C and other more appropriate CG methods, microfiber towels and such but it started looking like absolute shit, Canada Goose Parka WAY canada goose coats more frizzy than even before, curls looked like shit, they would absolutely mash overnight, I hated everything.

I did more research canada goose outlet uk sale uk canada goose numerous times but kept getting overwhelmed and/or stuck and/or unable to canada goose canada goose clearance sale outlet jackets find products I Canada Goose Outlet not allergic to. canada goose outlet sale Out Canada Goose Online of desperation, I tried again recently and in the last about 5 6 weeks canada goose black friday sale I changed it up yet canada goose outlet nyc again to protein free (I appear to have very low porosity hair from the tests I tried and everything I read in the most recent set of research), canada goose outlet toronto factory except, I cannot find ANY protein free conditioners in canada goose outlet new york city my regular stores that don fuck with me, and I can only find 1 or 2 at that. I went to Bed Bath Beyond, Safeway, CVS, Walgreens and Sally Beauty as well as calling a couple of cagooseclearance other locations including those for salon professionals only. I canadian goose jacket want to see if I allergic canada goose to the fragrance before canada goose black friday sale spending the cash (price is not the issue once I find a good product, but I don want to spend hundreds which I already done in the past for products I use once or less before I find something I can use) so I don want to order online and I cannot go into stores like Ulta because they are a death canada goose outlet Canada Goose sale store trap for my fragrance allergies though I did brave the local one for about 5 minutes last week and found nothing that was on my list of things to try anyway. I regretted that visit canada goose outlet black friday a lot. Bed Bath and Beyond is the highest fragrance level store I can go into without feeling like I want to die (and that while on 4 different allergy medications simultaneously per my allergist).

Presently, I canada goose jacket outlet using Kinky Curly Knot Today as if it were a cowash and I also using it as a leave in with S2C, use microfiber cloths to squish the water uk canada goose outlet out after the shower and I canada goose Canada Goose Jackets outlet store uk using the Kinky Curly Curling Custard as a gel following. This is the FIRST time my curls don make me want to cut off all of my hair or just leave it in a hair canada goose clearance clip to pretend they aren there. I can usually even make day 3 hair happen now that I on this regime with just canada goose outlet in usa a spray bottle of water in the morning and squishing the curls again (previously day 2 and 3 were hair clip days at best). However, I well aware that this product regimen is not as intended. The Knot Today is not a shampoo nor a cowash but. it cheap canada goose uk the ONLY thing I was able to find that was protein free in a store that didn fuck with my allergies.

I have a canada goose uk shop feeling there are better products and probably a different regime out there but there buy canada goose jacket cheap are so many products, so many evil fragrances (Deva Curl HIGHLY fragranced products can go fuck right off for how badly I react to them, for example) and so many different regimes that everyone reports following and I just Cheap Canada Goose coats am so thoroughly overwhelmed every time I try to research it further.

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