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Tread lightly, Canada Goose Online says Rousseauoverit (I read your comment, was far too flattered. Dropped the piece of ginger I was chewing on on the floor ((ginger root is AMAZING! read about it)), and I know canada goose outlet canada this makes me sound slovenly buy canada goose jacket canada goose outlet toronto factory I not. Then I saw a wrapped Lindt truffle I dropped last night, Canada Goose Parka part of an Easter buy canada goose jacket cheap canada goose Canada Goose Outlet outlet shop Basket gift I thought was lost forever. SO basically that was the canada goose uk black friday coolest two minutes I had in awhile).

Also an example of the strangeness of the world we live in. As emotional as we like to think we are (see: anecdote about how good your comment made me feel), the statistics about this canada goose uk shop world, if we open to them, are skewed so canada goose clearance terribly and so deeply/ so uk canada goose upside down…. I mean, they always have been. We don live in a fair place. We inundated with success stories that use diversion tactics to favor blame canada goose outlet in usa over truth. Yet, that no reason to continue the cycle of blame/ ignore facts about Canada Goose Coats On Sale how virtually impossible it is to actually achieve upward mobility and turn it into lasting trajectory/ residual income and security canada goose outlet online in this world. Stability is a nebulous concept, no matter how finite it seems… it isn What matters is the time we have here and canada goose uk outlet how we canada goose outlet use it to make it “matter.”

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Yes, canada goose outlet black friday I will. I also embarrassed that I wrote such a blathering post that someone actually read, so late at night. The stories of upward mobility that we read and inspire us are popular because they so rare: they don represent reality for most.

(more disclaimer: I worked throughout college, and I actually did pretty canada goose coats well doing part time writing/PR gigs, and I had good Canada Goose Jackets grade grants and partial scholarships, but there NO WAY I canada goose outlet parka could have gotten the degrees if my parents didn cover most of canada goose black friday sale my tuition, rent, etc… and YES canada goose coats on sale canada goose outlet reviews I KNOW and can reference MANY Canada Goose sale official canada goose outlet people who have canada goose black friday sale found a clever way to cover it and figure it out themselves ON THEIR OWN! But life isn an inspirational buzzfeed article or a movie.

I would like to add that many people I see around me every day don do much about their current life situation other than complaining. I mean, canada goose outlet store uk most of them have decent and comfortable lives so I guess they are content with where they are. canada goose I become a canada goose outlet jackets big fan of cheap Canada Goose the whole law canada goose clearance sale of attraction thing, and moving upwards canada goose store requires a lot of work that many people are not willing to do. Getting cheap canada goose uk out of your comfort zone and stuff.

There obviously a big difference between being poor in America with few opportunities and being born into a rich country. I canada goose outlet store know canada goose factory outlet how privileged I am.

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I disagree. You not “coming out ahead” there. The job was canada goose jacket outlet what it was and you were charged the right amount. If he drilled, then he just wasting his own time and canada goose outlet sale charging you for it.

Makes it sound like if you do the “right thing” and save a customer money, you should expect a “reward”. I just feel that encourages an unhealthy expectation. Everything gets measured by money.

As a contractor, I proud of what I do and don overcharge. I don want canada goose outlet new york city a kickback for that, it is a moral canada goose factory sale thing and it own https://www.canadagooseoutlete.com/ reward. The best reward, really, is customers coming back goose outlet canada to me. Retaining customers is far better than tips in a monetary sense too.

The above doesn only apply to sole contractors. If your restaurant is doing a lot of repeat business because your customers LIKE going there, you will be able to pay your employees enough so that customers don have to subside their wages. Just my opinion.

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I not talking canadian goose jacket about ripping anyone off. You canada Canada Goose Outlet goose outlet uk Canada Goose online get paid to do a job canada goose outlet online uk and you do it. If you find an easier/better way of doing it, then that good. If you in the meantime save money, time and get a loyal customer, then that perfect. The customer will, hopefully, reward your honesty and professionalism if you save him a lot of money. That kind of what happened in this situation.

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