Characteristics of work

In recent years, China’s exports of natural pigments were rapidly on the rise. In addition to the large varieties, including gardenia yellow, sea buckthorn yellow, purple basil, Grape seed, Amaranth, acorn shell brown, black pigment and other small breeds are also popular in Europe natural pigments irinotecan on the national market. Not only because of these natural pigment color is good, but all have health functions, such as black beans and other pigments can prevent vision loss, and the darker color of the pigment anthocyanin containing mostly with trap free radicals, anti cancer, anti aging and anti inflammatory and other a variety of health effects, therefore, black pigment, Grape seed and other varieties of natural Purple black pigment is especially sought after in the international market.

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Good furniture.. All devices.. The role of 10..
Characteristics of work
Salary basic salary + salary is determined by the interview

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