See another on Gamal al-Batin and beauty The

The beauty of the interior

The beauty of the interior, and we have the beauty of the phenomenon, is to see the effect of grace on the slave in his clothes, in his home, in his place, The beauty of the manifestation of God Almighty as revealed to His slaves to clothing and adorn their manifestations, and ordered us to piety to beautify our bellies, he said: ()
) Sons of Adam, we have sent down to you the clothes of my parents Suaktm and Risha and clothes of piety that good (

[Al-A’raf: verse 26]
This verse referred to the beauty of the outward appearance and the beauty of the interior, and said in Ahl Paradise:

) And to them the freshness and pleasure (11) and reward them with patience and paradise and calamities (

Fjml their faces with their eyes and pleasure.

See another on Gamal al-Batin and beauty The appearance, and the beauty of their bodies with silk:

) and their heart is fresh and pleased (11) and reward them Replica Hermes belt with patience and paradise and calamity (


Beautiful place and clothes Beautiful and beautiful face and heart pleased.
God Almighty loves beauty in words and deeds, dress and body, and hate the ugly words, deeds, clothes and body..

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