This one’s not outside the realm of possibility since Apple

28 – Pray, bless and bless you……. On the one who sees the successor of the light of the vision

Whoever prays in the name of (Baasir) Almighty God was his vision, which sees him and God opened his vision and see him from his kingdom Masha and the secret To save sight.

29 – Pray and bless O rule…….

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The gift of Eid is not a gift… A gift of education….
Where intelligence in which the skill….

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Hermes Belt Replica Crises in the wall of the homeland «7»

Posted by: 4 days and 5 minutes
Monday 05 November 2012 12:04 AM The issue of the crisis of dialogue and the crisis of interlocutors November 2012 The date of the dialogue for all the sons of Yemen North and South East and West, and what do you know what is dialogue? Is it a miracle of miracles, or songs of Maslites?, There has been a lot of talk and talk about this dialogue, and you think in the results of socialists, especially President Abd Rabbo Hadi, And the ten countries sponsoring the Gulf replica hermes initiative, and all the pressure countries seek to talk to the interlocutors and waving the gift and stick, but what is the reality of the expected success, and what the facts of failure expected; Freedom to succeed Dialogue is still missing, not possible and not guaranteed, and I do not think the demands of the peremptory interlocutors are easy to accept, even impossible to meet, for example: The Houthi case, the Southern issue, the regional issue,, And the most difficult issue is the southern issue, which has more than thirty factions, and all with the southern issue, and each faction believes the right is right, which is believed and wrong All the mistake is what the other currents, and failed all southern and non-southern calls to agree on the Charter An honor agreed upon and consolidated as In the words of the representative of a balanced southern movement in the peaceful movement, a prominent figure in the south and in the north a veteran fighter, The leader of the United Nations, Mr. Gamal Ben Omar, delivered a speech in Aden on the Eid al-Adha holiday, in which he expressed his concern about the suffering of the faction he represents, the line established by President Ali Nasser Mohammed, along with President Haidar Abu Bakr al-Attas. To two northern and southern provinces, urgently in an administrative federation In a form of self-government for a temporary period of five years, then a referendum after five years for southerners to vote either to stay in a federal unit of two regions or to complete separation – as in southern Sudan – we have seen his speech (to Jamal Ben Omar) The United Nations and the sponsors of the initiative, and those who love peace in Yemen;And the unification of all the factions of the Southern Movement, under the leadership of one political representative of the legitimate and the sole of the children of the South as a prerequisite first, before entering into a public dialogue, and this is at the core and the fact is indisputable, and this means that no single representative of the southern issue can accept Or reject, and behind it all the people of the South, and without agreement on this consensus, the dialogue on the southern issue failed, and if any party accepted any solution will reject the other and will reject other wings, while we find that the most important before consensus on one leadership, And solutions that must be accepted, otherwise the leadership will come back Quite the contrary, we saw another letter from the second representative of the movement movement, the White House, which calls for one second option: not to engage in dialogue, end the state of political unity with the North and consider the south a land Hermes Belt Replica.

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