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Of course us modern westerners probably don’t realize the kind of impact a veil can have on a relationship. Our women are free to just walk around with their faces flapping in the wind, heralding their identity to the world. You have to hand it to the countries where women still wear veils: it must be a lot easier to write sitcom episodes that revolve around wacky cases of mistaken identity..

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Whoever prays in the name of (the steadfast), may Allah have mercy on him, be a refuge for those who are oppressed and force him from his power. ) God Almighty strength of his ability and victory over his enemies Peace and blessings be upon you……. On the one who absolves the sick with the dignity of the person who prayed in the name of the Almighty, God testifies to him the ability to do things.

How I love the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him and his family and

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