The balconies are also very small, but have room enough to sit

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[Purpose]: Sale – [Product Name]: AIR JORDAN 11 Children’s Shoes 72-10
[Product Measurements]: 1Y / 2Y
[Item condition]: [Sale price]: (1Y-2y –3300 $$)
[Delivery]: The whole family to the store +60 (boxing)
[Note]: remittance after the payment! Please leave a message in the message ====== ============================== [Purpose]: Sale – [Product Name]: AIR JORDAN 11 Small Children’s Shoes 72-10
[Product Size]: 7c
[Product Status]: [Sale]: 2800 $$
[Delivery]: The whole family to the store +60 (Courier)
[Remark]: Remittances sent! Need to leave a message in the message
= [Purpose]: Sale ~
【Product Name】: JORDAN 12 baby
【Product Size】: (toddler shoes 2c / 8cm) 3c hard bottom 【Product status】: Brand new foreign companies ~ Did not fall to the ground Undetected
【Price】: 2600 $$. 3c -3200
【Delivery Method】: The whole family to the store +60 packing (buyers need to bear the risk of loss, please carefully select) Delivery +160 (shrimp free shipping) br> 【Other Remark】: Size cm Welcome to ask ~!!.
=============================== ===============
[Purpose]: Sale ~
【Product Name】: JORDAN 12 pink 【Product Size】: 7y- (with purchase card), children / 3y
[commodity condition]: new goods ~ foreign companies did not fall did not try
[selling price]: children’s shoes in 5800 — $$ 3800 $$
[delivery method 】: The whole family to the store +60 packing (buyers need to bear the risk of loss, please carefully select) Delivery +160 (shrimp free shipping)
【Place】: Taoyuan Taoyuan 【Note】: Dimensions cm Welcome to ask ~! Shrimp to pay!

3 – Publish the names of useful books in this subject, and the transfer of sections whenever possible. 4. Publish realistic stories 5.

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