The Calpella laptop platform

The guy is at least notably responsible for the creation of the personal computer, compact and reliable mobile music listening, multifunctional sleek cell phones, and the must cutting edge 3D animation studio in the world. It’s not kissing his ass to call him a genius, it’s just the fucking truth dog. You just don’t like the idea of calling such a scumbag a genius.

The current recession comes at a particularly poor time for Intel, as the company transition to Nehalem processors means that it needs to sell off extra stock of Core 2 based processors. Slumping consumer spending makes this harder for Intel to do, and could delay Intel plans in a variety of ways. The Calpella laptop platform, which will bring Nehalem to mobile computers, has been delayed to help OEMs move Core 2 inventory, and examples of these economically driven delays may continue to occur depending on sales of Core 2 products..

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