A PV solar panel uses the suns radiance to produce a DC

You not answering the question though. You completely avoiding it. Do you think it is unfortunate that the Saudis donated to the Clinton Foundation causing the appearance of impropriety when they could have just donated the money directly to those causes instead? You could answer this question with a “Yes” or “No” but you haven Clinton Foundation donates to charities that help with women rights and LGBTQ youth.

If we hadn’t moved forward with the technology, and the soviets had invaded Europe you’d have people up in arms screaming “why didn’t the most powerful country in the world have a way to respond? Why weren’t they ready? Look how many people have died!” It’s hard to say which is better, but it’s human nature, game theory if you will. There was really no better option than to keep making the best platforms, and it’s still like this. It always will be.

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But hey, maybe there some positives out of this! Maybe some benevolent god decided that you worth living, and you pick up the remains of your spirits. You pack up your room for the first time in ages, and you pleased with yourself. “I value my life a bit more from now on.

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