“India was surrounded by unfree societies Pakistan

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high quality replica handbags Maybe a little intellectual arrogance was called for.”Rushdie writes that the open letter was an attempt to take the cultural high ground, and it replica bags wholesale hong kong concluded with a rhetorical appeal “to that posterity whose judgement could not be known replica bags pakistan by either Rajiv Gandhi or himself: ‘You replica bags from china free shipping own the present, Mr Prime Minister; but replica chanel bags ebay the centuries belong to art’.”Click on NEXT to read further.According to Rushdie, Indian governments from the mid 1970s onwards, “ever since the time of Indira and Sanjay Gandhi,” had “often given in to pressure from religious interest groups, especially those claiming to control large blocks of votes.”He writes: “By 1988, Rajiv Gandhi’s weak government, with elections due in November, cravenly surrendered to threats from two opposition Muslim MPs who were in no position to ‘deliver’ the Muslim electorate’s votes to the Congress party.”Recalling the ban on The Satanic Verses, Rushdie writes that he did not expect it, “innocently, naively, even ignorantly.”Subsequently, more attacks on artistic freedom in India followed, such as attacks against M F Hussain, Rohinton Mistry and Deepa Mehta, he says.”But in 1988 it was possible to believe in India as a free country in which artistic expression was respected and defended. Book burning was something that happened all too frequently across the replica radley bags border in Pakistan. It wasn’t the Indian way,” he writes.Click on NEXT to read further.The presumption of intellectual freedom and respect in India was ever present, Rushdie writes, except during the Emergency, and adds that he had been proud of that openness and had boasted of it to people in the west.”India was surrounded by unfree societies Pakistan, China, Burma but remained an open democracy; flawed, certainly, perhaps even deeply flawed, but free,” Rushdie writes.. high quality replica handbags

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