is not some deep dark problem of behavior OCD is a medical

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cheap jordans free shipping Through findings like these, we hope we can make CBT more effective or guide new treatments. OCD was once classified as an anxiety disorder and patients are often anxious about their behavior it now seen as a separate mental illness.The anxiety that cheap jordan ovo many cheap jordan retro 8 OCD patients experience is now believed to be a secondary effect of their condition, brought on by recognizing that their repetitive behaviors are not needed but being unable to control the drive to do them.The research team hopes that people who currently have OCD, and parents of children with signs of the condition, will take heart from the new not some deep dark problem of behavior OCD is a medical problem, and not anyone fault. With brain imaging we can study it just like heart specialists study EKGs of their patients and we can use that information to improve care and the lives of people with OCD,” says Fitzgerald.. cheap jordans free shipping

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