He does caucus with them and they do give him chairmanships

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Canada Goose Online South Dakota Senate approves anti evolution billThis segment of Bill Maher Time which was published yesterday, blamesDemocratic election losses on the party having gone the party that protects people to the party that protects feelings. Well, I not so sure I agree, but it a funny piece nonetheless. Canada Goose Online

I assume that the main cause for the loss was the complete canada goose outlet in uk apathy of the left after their chosen one, King Bernie, lost the nomination so they sat at home on their asses, whinging about the DNC not being and thus allowed an equally tepid turnout by the right to take over. After all, had the Bernie babies bothered to turn off twtter and vote, the final counts would have been so overwhelmingly in favor of canada goose outlet jackets HRC that even the corrupt Electoral canada goose outlet uk College would have had to sit up and take note. And if this wasn THE cause, it was certainly one of the top three. Similarly, the lack of support on the left for Obama during the 2010 and 2014 mid term elections allowed the right to set the stage for their current congressional control. If you don show up, your voice doesn count, no matter how much crying you do on twtter and fcebook.

So you are blaming Sanders supporters for Hillary losing? In a democratic canada goose outlet toronto election, one is allowed to vote for the candidate canada goose victoria parka outlet of his/her choice, or not even vote. One does not have to vote for the less evil candidate. In canada goose outlet 80 off what should have been a transparent process, don blame Sanders voters for Hillary loss, and there is no need to use the derogatory term Bernie. to think canada goose uk that the manipulations by a party ruling committee against one of its own candidates is acceptable shows the sad state of affairs of certain voters, and American canada goose jacket outlet politics in general. Recall that Hillary received nearly 3 million more votes than Trump. Are you somehow going to blame that on Sanders supporters?

cheap Canada Goose Discloser: I might or might not have voted for Sanders had he been the Democratic candidate. I felt his refutation of being an atheist, without stating support for atheists, did not help the rational cause. But blaming Sanders supporters for Hillary loss is incredibly inaccurate and needs to be called out. cheap Canada Goose

Hello Larry, you wrote to think that the manipulations by a party’s ruling committee against one of its own candidates is acceptable shows the canada goose outlet in toronto sad state of affairs of certain voters, and American politics in general The canada goose outlet location problem with this is that Bernie was canada goose outlet hong kong never a democrat. Nor was he ever a member of the democratic party. He wanted all the benefits of the party without joining. He was basically asking the DNC to give him the things to use against one of their own members. He should have run as an independant as he always had, canada goose outlet in vancouver or joined the party. He did not even join after getting the support and goodies from the party. For him to ask for all the support, the voters lists, the donors lists would be the same as a republican asking for it, or the green party. So as it was he was treated extremely nice and very fair by the DNC. You got some of it correct but it is not the whole story. He is not a member of the democratic party as he is not under the same rules. He does caucus with them and they do give him chairmanships and committee assignments. It is part of the political process where they get canada goose outlet toronto location some of what they want and he gets some of what he wants. However he is official canada goose outlet not under the same obligations for fund raising, party dues, party rules, and sharing with the party things his office does. There are a few others I have forgotten but it basically comes down to he holds his independence when it is good for him and canada goose outlet he plays nice with the democrats when it is in his favor. He has to caucus with one party or the other to have any speaking time, seniority or membership on any committee. The democrats are closer to what he believes than the republicans are. Plus the republicans would require far more from him party wise than the democrats do. Be well. Hugs

The reasons for Trumps victory are complex but whatever they are Maher has a point and the needs to take a long hard look at itself in the mirror. The Left has http://www.mycanadagoosejacket.org been playing childish games canada goose outlet shop while the Right was filling school boards. canada goose outlet canada You accuse the right of hate but the left hates too (though, of course, they hate the right people) and both are guilty of The difference while the right ascends to power, the left picks its nose.

uk canada goose outlet I suspect you may be a Poe, though. The closing phrase in the second sentence near perfectly encapsulates the elitist snobbery of the left. uk canada goose outlet

canada goose store You seem to think the solution to everything is dictatorship. But dictatorships are bloody in foreign policy as well as domestic terms. canada goose store

uk canada goose The interwar democracy in Germany was still more or less a sham democracy that continued to canada goose jacket uk actively prepare for the war and despite the popular misconception, had its imposed war reparations waived by the US at an early stage whilst the other powers had to pay back what they borrowed during WW1. The inflation and economic crisis was due to this high spending on armaments hidden in the former Soviet Union for Germany under the peace pact that the Germans made with lenin. Prior to that Germany had centuries of essentially medieval government. There was a lot of popular support for Hitler, who consolidated power violently and turned Germany into a dictatorship, but that ground had been laid for him to do that uk canada goose

Canada Goose Jackets Let see, how do we make sure our citizenry is better informed know! We allow certain types of speech to be banned. Just like drone killings and spying on our own citizens, such a power will never fall into the wrong hands. And it will have definite, logical boundaries that won be changed or challenged. And it will be used only for good. Canada Goose Jackets

canada goose uk outlet The fact that they so ill informed (and surely they must be ill informed, because if they not agreeing with me, then they just ignorant) isn the result of people and the media in particular litigating petty fights and protecting the feelings of the most outraged and overzealous portion of the populace while real, important things happen, canada goose outlet real thus scrapping people trust in the media in the first place; no, it because of free speech. canada goose uk outlet

But, other media (CNN) were decidedly pro Hillary. I think Maher is right, that through their attitude of compromise and willingness to apologise, even when there is nothing to apologise for, unwillingeness to take a stand for what they believe in (obviously I generalising) helps people to believe what the uncompromosing, unapologetic, devoted conservative media have to tell them. It basic psychology. Do you more easily trust and follow the guy (or gal) who seems sure of canada goose outlet online uk him (or her) self, or the person who is constantly doubting, apologizing etc

canada goose coats Liberals have become the timid kid at the party, not daring to speak up for themselves for fear of alienating people that wouldn like them anyway a fear of losing what exactly? They already lost everything by now. canada goose coats

canada goose factory sale Rather than argue anything else with you, I just ask you where exactly you think free speech should stop (since any cost implies you think there a limit beyond the already existing, narrow one), and what exactly you think should be done, to canada goose outlet usa enforce that limit. canada goose factory sale

canada goose black friday sale So let allow that conservative sources are spreading disinformation: Do you buy canada goose uk think that should be illegal? What should the punishment be? canada goose black friday sale

Canada Goose Parka It isn enough to simply whinge about the speech at any cost crowd who largely don exist by the way, as there always been limits on incitement to violence, for one example I want to hear you define canada goose outlet store quebec what you think the limits canada goose outlet parka should be. Canada Goose Parka

canada goose It sure sounds like you think speech should be regulated, in order to protect the who don know any better from themselves which is a remarkably arrogant position. And who would you trust, to make them your master in this way? Who would you trust to determine what is allowed to reach your eyes and ears for you? canada goose outlet official Politicians? canada goose

Canada Goose online You deflecting with Google searches. Canada Goose online

Canada law, which wouldn even apply to the likes of Bill O or InfoWars anyway, is not possible under the US Constitution, because of canada goose outlet germany its expansive protection of press freedom. And as Fox News themselves like to point out, they have shows, and they have shows or do we ban inflammatory punditry too?

canada goose clearance So again: Where is your limit, what should the punishment be for transgressing it, and who would you entrust to determine what you are and are not canada goose outlet michigan allowed to hear? canada goose clearance

These are the questions that every person who decries so called speech absolutism needs to ask themselves.

buy canada goose jacket The demos for the most part were stale and without a plan. Maher makes comedy but is that the reason or even an important idea no. If you sit on the east and or west coast long enough you forget there is anything in between or you just ignore it. The republicans took over the country by playing the local politics from Ohio to Nevada. They don have to worry about the south because they already got that. As it stands now, the only way the democrats win is for the republicans to really screw up and that will happen as well. buy canada goose jacket

Bill Maher is one of the few people on the left I still listen to because he one of the few remaining not afraid to offend the most sensitive among us and he willing to say what he thinks. I don always agree with him (I do agree with him here), but I sure as hell respect him. I don expect him to purposefully lie to me or twist narratives to support his agenda (which isn to say that he never wrong, but when he is, it usually his sincerely held beliefs guiding his words), and I like how he tends to lean towards more freedom rather than ever increasing restrictions.

canada goose uk black friday A huge number of my friends on the left, including myself, have become centrists in recent years, in direct response to what Maher is talking about here. Whether this was the sole reason for Trump and the Republican wins is highly debatable, but it was A reason. canada goose uk black friday

I be very skeptical of any claim of finding cause for an electoral outcome, regardless of what country or what year we are talking about. It is the nature of an election between two political blocks that each voter matters.

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