canada goose In 5 years of studying rich people, I found they use a daily tool that never occurs to most of us Thomas C. Corley, Contributor Feb. 24 thomas-sz , 2016, 3:22 PM A “to-don’t” list can be just as useful as a “to-do.”Flickr / Vancouver Film SchoolWe’ve all heard about to-do lists. The best to-do lists incorporate daily activities that help move you forward in life towards accomplishing your goals. But to-do lists alone will not make you a success. While it’s important to get things done, it’s equally important to avoid doing things that wash out all of the benefits of a to-do list good habit. You probably never heard of a “to-don’t” list before. I discovered this little-known secret strategy in my five-year study on the daily habits of rich people. A to-don’t list is a daily list that includes things you should never do because they are either time wasters, bad habits canada goose jackets sale , or things that hold you back from having a happy and successful life. To-don’t lists are just as important as to-do lists. The rich in my study fostered success in their lives by diligently doing certain things every day … and diligently avoiding certain activities. Unfortunately, most people are not successful in life. They eke out a living and struggle to just get by, unaware that they are engaging in destructive activities on a daily basis that make success impossible. They’re engaging in the habits that might appear on a typical to-don’t list, like: • Don’t watch more than one hour of TV today. • Don’t waste time today on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. • Don’t envy anyone today. • Don’t make any impulse purchases today. • Don’t gossip today. • Don’t gamble today. • Don’t drink in excess today. • Don’t lose my temper today. • Don’t ignore my family today. • Don’t read negative news articles today. • Don’t procrastinate today. • Don’t ridicule anyone today. • Don’t hate anyone today. • Don’t smoke a cigarette today. • Don’t be negative today. For those who have a lot of bad habits, to-don’t lists they may be more important than to-do lists. To-don’t lists help keep you aware of the things you should not be doing. Knowing what not to do is just as important in achieving success as knowing what to do. What would be on your to-don’t list? When you ask yourself that question, only then will you become aware of the daily habits that are constantly pulling you backwards. To-do’s, while a great tool that helps improve your chances for success, only get you halfway there. To-don’ts take you the rest of the way. SEE ALSO: Anyone can use the '20-Minute Rule' I learned from 5 years of studying rich people NOW WATCH: Richard Branson Hates Public Speaking — Here's How He Gets Over It canada goose parka

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