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Revenue grew at a CAGR of 8.2% during FY11 FY15, and we expect the revenue would further grow by 6.9% CAGR during FY15 FY17E, on the back of increasing passenger / air cargo traffic volumes and strengthening airline industry. Post acquisition in FY11, Kale consultants became a part of Accelya group. Revenue is primarily derived from transaction processing, sale of software services, related implementation and maintenance services, we expect transaction based model (airline ticket and coupon processing) would contribute the major revenue growth further, on the back of increase in passenger / air cargo traffic volumes which would uplift the transactions and drive the revenue growth..

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birkin bag replica Maintain ‘BUY’ with TP of INR231.REC has not sprung any negative surprise with respect to stress in state utility projects. However, key monitorable is its private sector exposure, though, in our view, significant recognition is unlikely over near term. Also, with UDAY scheme already being effected, we see better best hermes replica growth visibility for FY18 19 birkin bag replica.

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