Your understanding of the Alphabet corporation is entirely and

Google makes more prophet by treating Lyft, Uber and Waymo the exact same.Your understanding of the Alphabet corporation is entirely and totally incorrect.There is no independent Waymo stock or Google stock. There is only Alphabet stock, of which Waymo and Google are subsidiaries.Any investors wishing to own shares in Waymo, Google, or any of the many Alphabet subsidaries have only one avenue of investment, that is to purchase the shares of the Alphabet holding company.As CEO of Alphabet, if Larry Page tells the head of Waymo, Google, or any of the other subsidaries to jump, they ask “how high”? Larry Page and Sergey Brin could fire the CEO of Google, Waymo, Calico, Verily, and all the rest, tomorow.Google responsibility is to maximizes Google profits.While yours is a widely held belief, it entirely wrong. The story that corporations are required to maximize revenue was a fiction started by certain conservative political groups within the past two decades.In 2014, the US Supreme court unreservedly ruled that publicly held for profit companies are not required to maximize revenue.”Modern corporate law does not require for profit corporations to pursue profit at the expense of everything else, and many do not.”US Supreme Court Burwell v.

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