5% chance of getting all three slots from the ordered gear

If you want to do Assault, do assault. You don need top grind through 6 expansions of linear content to unlock that one dungeon you want to run. True, the first time through to 75 can take a long time. Very, very hard to rank highly for that topic. To be frank, your article will not come close.Personally, I wouldn’t focus on one article, I’d be writing the next and planning the next half dozen. As you write each one, your writing will improve and you will learn lots.33Help for New HubbersRanking Number 1 On Google is Pointlessby Susannah Birch 2 years agoHave I got your attention? Good! I see so many forum posts about people saying they rank Number 1 on Google.12HubPages Tutorials and CommunityImprovement to the Statistics pageby Jack Lee 3 years agoThe current hub score is ok but not a great measurement of a hub or the quality of the “title.” I would like to suggest adding a new column that shows the current Google Page Rank number of the hub.

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