You complain that you facing austerity

8 points submitted 1 day agoI work from 9 5 every weekday. At the weekends I want to live a bit and enjoy my time rather than wrestling my way into a town centre to only carry home a minimal amount, or drive to a busy out of town retail park with no soul.I happy to support shops which are worth supporting with my custom I will always have time for guitar shop for instance but if corporations and the high street and the council want my custom in shopping areas, they should make it worthwhile, because currently it horrible and expensive.It not my job to support a dying market.Tories propose and enact austerity.You experience this for 5 years under their coalition government, and then for another year or two under their own majority government.You (“you” being the wider electorate outside of London / the big cities) vote Tory again canada goose outlet at GE17.You complain that you facing austerity.Anyone following this pattern is beyond hope.You appear to have ignored my comment that London is suffering austerity as well.You elected a Labour MP? Good! I hope they one of the good ones who actually lobby on behalf of your constituency and the wider invisible electorate. If not, don reelect them.Most of London votes Labour, with decent vote share for Lib Dems and Greens as well.

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