It not enough to go on to be right all the time

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Verse 1) Now look up and see O StarGazer and declare what will be the New Order of things, if perhaps they will listen—-

Verse 2) How that in times past, they took it upon themselves to exact revenge against their enemies, and they were zealous in doing so,

Verse 3) Their zeal boils over as they read the scriptures, and they follow the commands to fight in the name of God—-

Verse 4) What zeal! What righteousness! What indignation! In all of these things they are faultless and blameless in the Old Order of things—-

Verse 5) As a Lion Pride are
Verse 6) And the whole world has become divided up into a multitude of lion prides!

Verse 7) Now O StarGazer, you know well these things—-and you know that the Lion Prides are diminishing—-what will be of the world when the Lion is no more?

Verse 8) Can the world exist without the Pride? What will happen to the cubs when the Lion is no more?

Verse 9) And I answered and said, “ Indeed, the world has served itself well with the Law of the Lion
Verse 10) “Yes, the Elephant is a noble animal, no less than the
Verse 11) And I continued, “ Wouldn’t it be better if we were as the Elephant? And I can see why the Hindus regard this animal very highly and honor it as a
Verse 12) O Stargazer, you have answered well! And now, you know the New Order and you will declare it before the multitudes! For the heart of humanity has become more tender and receptive and they are tired of the Lion Pride!

Verse 13) Make these people into Elephants and make their ears as large as the


Verse 1) And the whole world groaned in
Verse 2) And gone were the days when families could find the time and money to spend time with each other in the activities that they were wont to
Verse 3) Gone were the days of families going on picnic outings, gone were the days of having outdoor barbeques, gone were the days of families going out to Nature and camping, fishing and the
Verse 4) Bills upon bills to be paid—-mortgages, car payments, power
Verse 5) Yet the World Folk were not aware of their hard
Verse 6) Thus, a dark Veil was cast over the World
Verse 7) O dark Veil, I will be your death! O Bondage, I will be your plagues!

Verse 8) And he said, “You are them and they are you—-band together and be as One—-be as tightly knit together as a group of musicians and sing the song of the New Order of
Verse 9) “ A little bundle of Light are you in the Mass—-Be a Master Builder and build the New Order”

Verse 10) “With what?” I said—

Verse 11) And he said, “ What is that on top of your shoulders?”

Verse 12) “A
Verse 13) He said, “ Don’t pyramids have capstones? Is not your head the capstone of your body?”

Verse 14) “Build deep inside of your mind O Stargazer! The New Order must be felt and imaged in your imagination!”

Verse 15) “ And the New Order is the Capstone of the World—build the Capstone, sing it into being with the song of the New Order!”

Verse 16) “What song shall I sing?”

Verse 17) And he said,

Verse 18) “ My temple is my body! How I love my magnificent temple! Is not my temple a grand design? O look and behold there other temples such as mine!

Verse 19) “ My temple is a garden of delights—within it is a tapestry of wonderful fruits, beautiful trees, sparkling rivers of Life”

Verse 20) “ I dwell in my temple of trillions of living light stones—-they are as stones, yet they are empty spaces encompassed by the whirling lights of invisible particles”

Verse 21) “ And my temple is a stone which attracts to it other Replica Handbags stone temples—–and the temples come together in mutual admiration of one another, delighting in each others beauty”

Verse 22) “ Temple joining to Temple, and the Mosaic forms—-and behold, a Temple of glory has emerged!”

Verse 23) “ I will sing the song to the glory of the Temple—-how beautifully each temple fits together in a WHOLE!”

Verse 24) “ Sing O World a New Song, sing O Earth the song of the New Order of things!”

Verse 25) “ And the galaxies and the constellations will sing together, for they behold the Temple on Earth and they shall be in astonishment”

Verse 26) “ How the stars do envy! And the stars of Light shall band together and imitate the design of the Grand Temple!”

Verse 27) And he said, “ Sing this song and fly into the world of the feeling of your imagination”

Verse 28) “ For nothing will will be restrained from you what you imagine to do.” wholesale replica designer handbags.

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