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Alexandria 21 st 57 Shady Abdel Salam formerly from El Essawy Miami before El Awael Butchery Tel: 00201141568171 Available Viper and Watasab – The opportunity to join is still available: 00201141568171 Available Watasab and Fiber – 00201289900368 _ 00201066573607
_ Telephone: 03-5621461
The Master’s Content in Human Development is the strongest ever: 35 days
—————— ————————————————–
1 – Diploma of training of trainers in full.. (Surprise Hzrjtahaa)

2 – Diploma of NLP (Egyptian Board) (exclusive) 3 – Course preparation of the Birth. 4 – Course of New Code (حصرياااااا).

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