The Kids’ Lit Quiz is a major national celebration of books

The donations, a minimum of Rs 100 per Doug, go back to the Chetna Vikas foundation in Wardha, to the women making the Dougs. Highly skilled adivasi craftsmen and artists from Gadchiroli and Chattisgarh have found a safe haven at the Art Village, which allows them to pursue their craft away from their Naxalite affected homes. Inspired by the band’s soulful sound, she has been transforming her favourite Coldplay songs into “visually intricate lyrical illustrations.” Given the rumours of the band’s upcoming visit to Mumbai, prints of Nerurkar’s doodles might be a great way to ring in the excitement for a fellow Coldplay fan..

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Brothers of Islam: If our Lord Almighty in His greatness and pride, and His angels in His land and His heavens pray to the Prophet in honor of His ability, and to respect Him, and to show His virtue, and a reference to His closeness to his Lord, And peace be upon him in compliance with the command of Allaah, and spend some of his right, a God sent him from the darkness to the light, guided us to the straight path, and made us from the best of nations, and preferred to all other people, and wrote to us by Mercy, which expanded everything and my mercy and expanded everything I will write it for those who fear and come Balzkwa and those who are our safety believe those who follow ٱلرسول ٱلنبى ٱلمي [The customs: 156-157]. Praise be to God who guided us to Islam, and thank God that made us from the nation of Muhammad, the best of the prayer
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