And jealousy is the form that proves the creativity of young

O ajl khvatymha good deeds, vkhyr accused lqayk days, rabbanā tmm norina vaghfr lina lina

wab’athhu thing Ali Khan, rabbanā each other not with faktbna alshahdyn nzlt vatbna Messenger.

O aghfir lanā Ma qdmna vma vma khrna srrna vma vma lna eight intestine also
Haq hqa fntbh, Warren albatl void fnjtnbh brhmtk or the Most
bhlalk forbidden sexual sin, vaghnna bfzlk mn
vabdanna valslamh valafyh no dynna vdnyana next thing wab’athhu Ali Khan. O arzqna

Hassan altvkl art, vdvam alaqbal Peace, be aware of Satan’s doing vsavs evil, evil vqna alans

valjan, vakhl Elena alrzvan divorce, vhb lina Default fact, vtvl constipation spirits Fear

antha’ alajl borer with intensity dz smart lqayk or
vqlba khasha, vnvra lucid, vrzqa Wassay vshfa’ de stake tomorrow, vnsalk Ghani al-Naas.

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Replica Hermes Birkin Written by: <3 Khatib Jad <3> We were hearing before that Marsa in prison and Mubarak’s head

And recently we were hearing that Marsa’s head And Mubarak in prison

Today we hear that Marsa in prison and Mubarak out of prison

Yala of irony fate and what to determine the course of Egypt?

Who sets the course of Egypt today and now is the people

Who is the path of Egypt is determined today, And intellectual and economic

…. And jealousy is the form that proves the creativity of young people in determining the fate and destiny of generations

I want a young man with a pause with self-pause with self-pause with Conscience

I want from the media also pause with the self Pause with the self and a stand with the conscience

I want from every small and large official means family and a judge and judge in order to stand

Pause with self And with the soul and the pause with the conscience > I want them all to govern their minds and consciences; they also govern their pockets and their ambitions

I want them to be definitively and completely and perfectly disposed of any personal and partisan ambitions for the future of Egypt and for themselves and their children And their children and generations

After them the decisions taken by the government ;; should be reconsidered and arbitration of the mind

The human conscience of the direction of Egypt

And I love that Anwa that those who accept mediocrity and accept bribery they harm themselves First,
and their children second and generations after them; I tell them that the bribe, the marsh and the feathers; General and public benefit; those who like them have the same minister, whether they have the same punishment. The history of Khan al-Amanah, Khan of Allah and Rasoolah in the Ummah and the Muslim lands in general will not be merciful to them. Replica Hermes Birkin

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