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This is an introduction to the first lecture in the science of the modern term, Which deals with the talk of the Sunnah through its definition – its authenticity – the history of its codification – the efforts of scientists in the A summary Q: Between the science of modern knowledge and knowledge
Let’s first give an overview of the principles of this art, we say God and success

Q 1: The science of Hadith is divided into two parts of the novel and knowledge: What are their principles? In your words
The principles of all art ten × reduction and the subject and then the fruit
and its virtue and the proportion and attributes × Name to derive the rule of the street
Definition: Language: Against the old
And the term: is the transfer and the novel of what was added to the Prophet peace be upon him and his family, from the words or action or report or describe it 2 – Subject: The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him 3 – His fruit: care for the conservation of the year and dissemination among Muslims 4 – Bazlh: is considered one of the best sciences after the Koran – 5 – rate: to other science and its composition

6 – Muhammad ibn Shihab al-Zuhri by order of the caliph Omar bin Abdul Aziz 7 – His name: the science of Hadith and modern science Novel – 8 – Extraction: from his words and deeds peace be upon him and his family through the men of Sindh 9 – His wisdom: Kifaya 10 – Questioning: It includes the transmission of the Hadith, its narration, Hermes Replica http://www.ssublindside.com its editing, and the editing of its words.

What are the principles of Hadith? Sind Subject: Narrator and Alm Rawi or the bond of his fruit: knowledge of what is accepted and what is received

Biddah: One of the best sciences of Sharia for the care of the conservation of the year
Rate: to the knowledge of modern narration, it is the origins of the novel.
Author: Judge Abu Mohammed Hassan bin Abdul Rahman bin Khallad (Al-Ramharmizi)
His name: Al-Dariyah Hadith – EgypologyHadith – The term of Hadith

The History of Hadith What controls the particles, whether definition or rule

the next episode
talk about the Sunnah.

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