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God Almighty says in a holy speech: No day, but the permission of the Lord

God says: “O Lord, allow me to sow the Son of Adam; He is eating your sustenance and worshiping you.

And the earth says, Lord, allow me to swallow the Son of Adam, for he will eat your sustenance and serve your servant.
And God will say to them, If you have created them for your mercy..

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Hermes Bags Replica O ajl khvatymha good deeds, vkhyr accused lqayk days, rabbanā tmm norina vaghfr lina lina

wab’athhu thing Ali Khan, rabbanā each other not with faktbna alshahdyn nzlt vatbna Messenger.

O aghfir lanā Ma qdmna vma vma khrna srrna vma vma lna eight intestine also
Haq hqa fntbh, Warren albatl void fnjtnbh brhmtk or the Most
bhlalk forbidden sexual sin, vaghnna bfzlk mn
vabdanna valslamh valafyh no dynna vdnyana next thing wab’athhu Ali Khan. O arzqna

Hassan altvkl art, vdvam alaqbal Peace, be aware of Satan’s doing vsavs evil, evil vqna alans

valjan, vakhl Elena alrzvan divorce, vhb lina Default fact, vtvl constipation spirits Fear

antha’ alajl borer with intensity dz smart lqayk or
vqlba khasha, vnvra lucid, vrzqa Wassay vshfa’ de stake tomorrow, vnsalk Ghani al-Naas Hermes Bags Replica.

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