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> Autism – Member of the Scientific Committee for the Development of Labor Standards with Special Needs – Member of the Association of Arab Special Education Experts Association Founder of the Vision Center for Special Education (the largest center for the care of autistic children in Egypt) and lecturer in many Egyptian universities
Only LE 1650 instead of LE 2250 Fees for 3 payments of the first payment 650 LE – 500 C – 500 C (including theoretical training, practical training + training bag

Training Content First: Communication: 1- Reasons for delayed speech 2- Communication with disabilities 3- Language test 2 – Behavior Modification – 1 – Definition of turbulent behavior 2 – Behavior modification plan 3 – Techniques and strategies used to modify behaviorbr> =================
Third: – Autism
1- Diagnosis of autism
2- rehabilitation Altakataby for children with autism
3- International Programs Standards to work with the autistic child
* Teach program
* Lovaas
program =================
Fourth: – Gauges
1- scale

2 – Gilliam Scale – 3 – Carz Scale

Who is this program:
=== ===============
this program is intended for workers in the field of special education or who wish to work in this field, graduates from the faculties of education, literature and social service
and the owners of nurseries and care centers for people with special needs and parents Autistic children, where they gain professional skills Of rehabilitation to deal with autistic children maximum degree of skill and effectiveness
training benefits with academic Glory:
1- Training with expert International Dr. Mohamed Ali Yusuf
2- – the trainee gets accredited from Ain Shams University and midwife to document the Egyptian Foreign certificate
3- practical training at the hands of the vision center of experts and under the supervision of Dr. Mohamed Ali Yusuf as the trainee gets a certificate practical training < br> 4- – the trainee gets a bag full
booking a training starts on Saturday 1/8/2015
start training Saturday, 15/8/2015
for reservations and inquiries, please contact the
Giza branch 0235854878 – 01002401884 – 01151663776 branches Reviewed Tags: ATMs | October 6 01127664988 – 01066741975 – 0238370743
based on the desire of our valued customers opened the door of entry to our customers in Alexandria for registration in the grant For those who kindly wishes to register the data in the form below and we will contact them
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