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Cavendish School of English


Age: 9 – 17 years

Cavendish School of English in Bournemouth is located in three elegant Victorian buildings located in the lush green gardens on the south coast
The school is located in a quiet and safe
School Cavendish School of English is one of the best linguistic
All teachers in College Cavendish school of English are professional teachers, qualified CELTA, PGCE,
The school has spacious classes for the busy th, recreation room, resting places in the garden of the school, “Little London”, as well as computer
The school Cavendish differs from others extensive excursion program included in
Examples of excursions for the whole day:
London, Portland, Weymouth & Lulworth Cove, Oxford and
Half day excursion examples: Bournemouth, Winchester, Christchurch & New Forest, Cronage &
Corf Castle, Poole, Southampton &
Accommodation is provided in comfortable single rooms with a private restroom on the campus of the University Arts in Bournemouth (Arts University Bournemouth).

The school has spacious classes for classes, a rest room, resting places in the garden of the school, “London in miniature”, as well as computer “London in miniature” – at school students will find all the famous attributes of the capital of England, such as a red telephone booth and a double-decker bus, which was turned into a cafe with refreshing drinks and fresh

10 reasons to study in Bournemouth • Bournemouth is the safest city in the UK, year, which is ideal for a healthy holiday at sea, especially in summer esyatsy;
• Award “The greenest city of the southern coast”;
• One of the sunniest cities in the UK, it is ahead of other British resorts on the number of sunny days by more than 20%;
• According to recent reports, it was recognized that it was in thism of the city’s cleanest air;
• 11 kilometers of golden sandy beaches; • In the Bournemouth and Pula region, eight beaches are awarded the Blue Flag Award for high water quality standards and fitness for safe • Just 90 minutes from London

• The proximity of many famous landmarks, for example: Stonehenge and the Jurassic Coast, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List • Bournemouth is a great opportunity to combine learning, outdoor activities and Bright program Bournemouth Summer Camp Premium will leave great memories about the trip and will significantly improve the level of the language, get acquainted with the culture and history of England, and make new friends from around the world. Registration for the program and advice by phone:
Welkom (029) 101-00 – 88, Life ☺ (025) 9 -777 – 999
Minsk, 1 entrance, 1 floor, office 41
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