This is a Buddhism belonging to Mahayana Buddhism

Supernatural finale recap: ‘Alpha and Omega’
Aired May 25
by Sara Netzley | May 26 2016 12:56 AM EDT
Katie Yu/The CW
Well, that was a different feel for a Supernatural finale, no? After a hugely enjoyable 11th season that saw some fantastic episodes (Baby! The Vessel! Dont Call Me Shurley!), the season-long battle of darkness versus light ended with hand holding, family therapy, and a pillar of yin and yang

In light of this (snerk!), our band of heroes, anti-heroes, and deities decide to drink away the rest of their hours on
Deans the first to throw in the
He has a point, so Rowena brews some tea, and she and Chuck trade stories about their
Kids, they say together, while Crowley mutters, Im so glad the world is
Meanwhile, Dean and Castiel (who was de-Lucifered thanks to Amara last week) go for a little cruise in Baby, and they hard-core discuss their
Sams the only one whos not treating the end of the world like its last call, and he urges the group to do something,
Turns out, the way to kill Gods sister is to build a bomb of
Unfortunately, the angel and the demon strike out; Heaven declined to help, and Hells souls were raided while Crowley was out of commission this
And then its Billie to the rescue! The reaper who hates the Winchesters doesnt want to be out of a job, so she provides them with a soul
Ah, but theres a
Before he heads out for certain death, he says his goodbye in the cemetery where his mother is
Poor Sam cant even look at him when its his turn for a
Then he looks around at the
This whole time, Amaras been wandering around a garden, waiting for the end and feeling worse and worse about the whole killing everyone and everything
NEXT: Who ordered the summertime cliffhangers?
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