Pour 1, c’est du jamais vu! confirme Yves Jgo, prsident du

A man cried and cried: Where is my heart.. Where is my heart.. Who found my heart?

He entered the days of some of the tracks, and found a boy crying and his mother hit him, and then I took him out of the house

So closed the door, He turned to the right and left, and did not know where to go, nor where he meant,

He went back to the door of the house, and put his head on the threshold of sleep, when he woke up make cry and say:

Ma Who opens the door if closed About me, your door?

Who is the one who believes in himself if she expels me?

Who will comfort me after I was angry with me?

His mother’s compassion, I saw her through the door, and I found her child with tears on his cheek, I was digging in the dirt, and I opened the door, and took him until I put him in her stone, and I made him accept it

You are the one who took me on yourself.

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