Peter says he’s not sure that two weeks from he would be ready

And with all this comes the great contradiction and the thing that bothers me to the extreme and I find no repentant repentance that puts me on the road. The straight path of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala
The big problem is represented My big love for sex movies and every time I watch such things I feel very regretful and I sincerely resolve not to return so never and repent to God and only a few days and then come back, and the calamity that I know completely that she and the Satanic beast behind I can not believe Myself How do I bring such a contradiction between my commitment to obedience to God and my vision for such things knowing that I am married and one of the entrances of the devil to be raised on such films to be more able to have sex with my wife and no power except help me help me repent to God repentance I advise not to return after such things to forgive my Lord these sins and settle a soul I am tired of obeying God and his satisfaction because I am very tired of this great contradiction that I live in.

Please help me and God reward you all the best, and make it in the balance of your good deeds, and make your work this purely for his answer.

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With the sun shine a new day happy for all I wish security wish for myself I wish to unite the Arabs and the liberation of Syria and Burma and Palestine and other Muslim countries Balfarj and victory near… يارب يارب يارب..

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– ) Praise be to Allaah Who made the night to wear clothes, and sleep sleeps, and make the day a source of praise. Hermes Handbags

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