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Used to use Xtremepcb in WAN. There are 1500KM distance in the network, and normally having 50 60ms latency, Xtrempcb perform well in our Concepthdl2Expeditionpcb flow. When We migrated to 2007.2 from 2005, We obersvered poor performace to big disigns(50K pins/13Knet, 30% constraints).

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Everyone has passed in times when he begins to get acquainted with a new friend, and the person at the time knows how to start this acquaintance and how to start this friendship. And there are many ways you can get acquainted with anyone you want to know, especially at the moment, the means of acquaintance is much easier than the race, after the spread of the use of the Internet and social networking sites and mobile world has become one small village and approached distances a lot, and you can correspond and see any A person you want to read and watch.
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shocked us who knew and reveal
the curtain for the originality of metal
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(Small people.)
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