Cronin, Jeffery Paul Cronin, Mary Olivia Curtis, Rikki J

L..51? 1557 3’Al AMERICAN LEAGUE W. L. I love CdG Carnation! I don think of myself as a kind of girl, but looking back I used to love the vintage Bellodgia. Also, I remember a summer years ago when L came out with a trio was a violet scent, one a hyacinth scent and the other a carnation scent. The carnation scent was called Sauvage I remember liking all three and especially the Ceillet Sauvage as it kind of reminded me of vintage Bellodgia.

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Cordova, Bradley Pierson Council, Lindsey D. Cox, Jessica Erin Coxson, Lauren Nicole Craig, Jonathan Andrew Crawford, Aaron Henry Cristofaro, Danielle L. Cronin, Jeffery Paul Cronin, Mary Olivia Curtis, Rikki J.

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