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They claimed this supplication; perhaps the gates of heaven are open now:
God, O Most Merciful: You, O Lord extended my hand,
While you have the greater my desire; turned to my repentance,
and have mercy on the weakness of my strength, and forgive my sin, and accept Madhirta,
and let me share all the best, and to all the best way,
mercy, O Most merciful, O God for those who are not Hadi Odillt,
not given what prevented, I do not mind what was given,
not tenter what was arrested, and presenter Because she delayed, and no back of what was presented…
You Halim do not hurry, and you are the horse do not skimp, and you dear not solidarity – and you are immune to Tram, If you are fed up with one day, you will not be tempted, you will feed and do not feed, and you are on everything else ͜͜
إذا إذا إذا ͜
invited answered, O course of the clouds,
O fast account, O house of the book, O Lord of lords,
O reasoned reasons: have Best replica handbags stranded us reasons,
and closed doors without us; VHB us from Thy mercy from you.
Do not obscure my call, and do not respond to my question, and do not invite me to my sorrow, and do not trust me Li around me and my strength!!!
have mercy sacral and Mskinte, and Zli and twice;
has long Sabri even narrowed my chest, and lost on my mind and hot intellectual.

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Praise be to God alone and prayers and peace to those who do not Messenger after Muhammad and Ali
In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it is proven that the day of the month of Ramadan is the month of Sha’baan for thirty days according to the statement of the Supreme Court in that regard. The first day of the holy month of Ramadan is Sunday, God willing. (Peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) “Fasting to see him and break his fast to see him.” We say, “Hearing and obeying the mandates of our Lord, praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds” May God bless us with fasting, obedience, and release our necks and the necks of our fathers, our mothers and all Muslims from the fire, and forgive us all sins in us Designer Replica Bags.

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