35 ~ 42 km: the hope reborn

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inner struggle is this

, “No, have this, and how can we give up”

“I really can not get on”

▼ < br>
over 35 km:

into the wall of the deep sense of powerlessness come,

body from mind control, even at this time the brain has failed

heart had no energy OS


35 ~ 42 km: the hope reborn

end in close proximity, never give up,

even have to run slowly crossed the finish line.

heart continue to inspire yourself

“then hold on, just a moment,”

“To do nothing, to the body,”

“Do you want you give up, never. “

after the game: the final victory
so, Happy Valley is a strong movement

pleasure from the beginning, and later

continue to struggle with their own front-line force

complete baptism

in dialogue with the inner self to achieve

coward never thinking ahead

the weak died on the way

only the strong continued

this is a marathon charming place. Handbags Chloe Replica

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